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  • 产品名称: Air can be one Machine Intellectual wind series
  • 产品编号: a011

Operating principle
    By the compressor, air heat exchanger, controller, circulating water pump and pressure water tank and other components. According to the inverse Carnot cycle principle, the use of very little power to drive, through the endothermic heat in the air minus 15 degrees Celsius above the air heat source to the air heat exchanger, resulting in the air exchanger within the working fluid heating, gasification Can be most released to the water heat exchanger, the heating temperature.


Free space with the heart of the "bath"

· IMD process, LED display, waterproof operation panel Fashion simple, jade color appearance, elegant and generous
· Panasonic welding process, seamless side was color
· Food grade 304 stainless steel liner, excellent material
· Medical grade 316 stainless steel coil. 30% high silver welding, super anti-corrosion ability 50mm imported environmental protection service vinegar vinegar foam, 360-degree three-dimensional insulation, insulation time longer
· Efficient energy-saving, all-weather to provide hot water
· Brand heat pump special compressor. NEC chip, the industry exclusive high with
· Unique multi-point water injection technology. Hot water more
· With Chinese red, flash silver, science and technology gold three look for the choice




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