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Solar thermal utilization is one of the hottest new energy industries

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Solar thermal utilization is one of the hottest new energy industries, and has been known to be the most popular. China solar thermal industry development rapidly, the scale expanding rapidly, attracting the attention of the world new energy organization and support of the United Nations environment programme (unep) put the solar energy industry in China in the first place. Faced with dwindling market demand and increasing competition pressure, companies are looking for ways to survive. China's solar heat industry has welcomed the "world no. 1".
The "ruins" of the vicious competition
In 2000, as the solar industry began to flourish, many investors were sniffing around. Brand-name companies are rising, and small workshops are springing up all over the place. 2000 solar heating system production is 6.4 million ㎡, to 2014 production rapid ascension to 52.4 million ㎡. From the initial touch of the stone, to the current overcapacity. In the market demand "digest" under the premise of a certain amount, the inferior products with its price advantage to enter the market quickly, forcing prices, high quality products market competition into a vicious cycle. Many well-known brands have also been forced to move into the community, go to the countryside and go door-to-door to promote their products.
After the solar industry's more than 3,000 brands in 2010, the number of brands in 2011 plummeted to more than 2,000, with more than 1, 500 brands disappearing in less than two years. The market demand is decreasing gradually, the competition pressure is huge, the fierce competition is under the fierce competition, finally realized is the enterprise between the winners and the tide. After the vicissitudes, the solar industry has faded from its past. Extremes meet, xing will decline, behind a great prospect in solar industry, is resistance factors of competition and challenges, this is the market, which is economic, this is the condition of the market competition is always inevitable. The worry, however, is that China's solar industry is not about to innovate, but how to survive the turmoil of the entire industry. The traditional solar industry is in a slump, gradually falling into decline.
"Big changes" after the depression
In recent years, the concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the people's hearts, and in a moment green and green wind is popular, renewable energy is changing from "alternative energy" to "mainstream energy". The rise of the real estate industry has, the state promulgated the policy about residential buildings must be installed solar water heater, also prompted Chinese solar industry directly into a turning point, whether it will be forced to change its model tried in the past? Obviously, the Chinese solar energy heat utilization industry needs of the market is not only a cheap solar products and export capacity, is more of a need to adjust the original business model, will focus to expand the domestic market and forming a unique product advantages through innovation. This approach is fraught with unknown risks, but it ultimately leads to a more sustainable development strategy than it is today. The road to change is easier said than done.
There is a big change in the solar industry. Solar-thermal industry into a new stage of development at present in China, the four major changes: from extensive to intensive development, the shift from quantity to quality benefit and quality from a big output power, from the development of manufacturing industry to service industry. Many forward-looking enterprises have entered into the transformation, diversified product production and product conceptualization.
Jack ma once said, "to succeed, we need friends. We need enemies to achieve great success." Competition development, because of the presence of the enemy, because of the indomitable determination, will strive to do their own thing, so, sometimes, the power of the enemy than a friend more, there is no permanent enemies, but have a forever friend, in some cases, the enemy can also become friends. As in the solar heat industry, some companies are stuck in a rut and can only be swallowed up by the market. This change has promoted the innovation of the solar industry, eliminated the layers, and kept the best quality, so that "no" manufacturers "killed" in the cradle. Small businesses are slowly sinking; Mid-sized companies are moving in and out, holding the flag between them. Large enterprises, with their strong economic strength and scientific research technology, innovate and develop continuously in innovation and development, seek improvement in stability, continuous development. The solar thermal industry market environment has been "cleaned up".
The fittest will survive
In today's market economy, the strategy of "changing to change" is out of date and can only slowly fall into the abyss of destruction. Behind the solar industry turmoil, it is the industry that knows The Times and the new things that will change its face. The fittest will survive.
In 2014 the ten key words: solar energy heat utilization of negative growth, stick to, crossover, more energy, the new normal, quality, innovation, engineering retail, altruistic ecosystem, the Internet. We can see from these ten hot word, "negative growth, stick to, crossover, innovation", the solar energy heat utilization industry in the ill-fated destiny are seeking their own development path, is to use action to change their current situation. A variety of new sources of energy have also emerged, supported by the use of solar heat. Solar energy, air, water purification, has become each enterprise cross-border, innovation, seek breakthrough point, through technical research and development, the strengthening of the technological content of products and brand concept.
With the loss of the environment, air quality, haze weather affects the public's life demand, chai jing a "under the dome is cause everyone to the attention of the environmental problems. The pursuit of comfortable and healthy life of modern people more and more consumers, on the basis of the solar energy heat utilization, at the same time develop more energy application for many enterprises to see the dawn of the future development. "Sunshine, air, water" a number of mutual benefit and complementarity of energy utilization, solar products, air can products, water purifiers and other high-tech innovation products is also more in line with the public demand, brand design of the appearance of the more intelligent, more is to let the public shine at the moment, more ground, further stimulated the demand of the market.
In sales, companies are also opening up a variety of ways to change the sales model of traditional stores. Keep up with The Times and step into the Internet industry. The O2O model gradually enters the solar thermal utilization industry. Online To Offline (online To Offline) is the combination of Offline business opportunities with the Internet

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