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Fuxin's mother cabin solar power

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What is health? Health is the harmony of the family, health is the most important thing in life! Some people say that health is 1, 0, behind the house, money is we lack a 0 we can strive for back, 1 damage, but if we lose the struggle of capital. With everyone's emphasis on physical health, in order to meet the consumer health and drinking water health bath product also began to more and more popular, yunnan fu xin solar, water purifier is one of them.

According to reporter understanding, as a result of rural domestic water contains a small amount of sediment, impurity, after the water into the vacuum tube inside, will with the passage of time and water heating after the formation of large scale mixed together and the precipitation in the bottom of the tube. Time is long, not only can let the vacuum tube heat conversion efficiency is reduced, it will also lead to some users for water quality variation in the bath after the skin itching and irritation. In the case of fuxin, the solar energy takes the technology of water separating from the water in the vacuum tube and the water in the tank, which is the heating module and the capsule as the reservoir. Son the heat water tank relative to the parent storage is stagnant water in the tank, vacuum tube only the water heater tank, the water sediment scale, not through the diaphragm and the circular tube tank water in heat exchange, rather than direct heating tube. Thermal energy is the child tank, the temperature does not exceed 100 ℃, the mother is not easy to bring to a boil. This kind of water keeps the water in the tank from vacuum tube besmirch, and the scientific method is effective to solve the water problem of water heater.

Many fu xin dealer said, before selling traditional solar water heater, only by price wars and advertising campaign to competition in the market, now has a lash tank after solar, we from the price war becomes a value, selling not only easy, and users of word of mouth is better.

Good product of nature, as apple mobile phone to sell also sell well, fu xin lash tank onto the market of solar energy, by the vast number of consumers highly recognized immediately - although lash tank more expensive than ordinary solar energy water heater to solar energy, but many consumers still chose to buy this kind of water quality can have health products, and this, is not the embodiment of the product value and the embodiment of the mature consumer thinking?

Believe in the need for health and the power to believe in health. We hope that fuxin will bring more technology and health to consumers.

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